"The audience of this year's Serenade at St. John's Church will never forget this concert. Weightless sounds, transparent as glass, floated through the church like the delicate notes of a flute, merging with the deep, viola da gamba-like sounds of the large glasses in the lower range. "
"It was also a pleasure to watch the virtuoso. Concentrating intensely, he worked about 60 glasses. His hands danced across them, his fingertips caressed them with smoothly circling motions, and from time to time he played three glasses simultaneously. Sparkling cascades, exhilarating runs..."

Rotraud Engelhard, "Main-Post" Wurzburg, Germany 7/2/97

"It was a feast for the eyes to watch Clemens Hofinger build the characteristic sounds by stroking, almost caressing, the rims of the glasses with his moistened fingertips. It was also a pleasure to hear the music he produced. ...

"Naumann's "Sonata fur Glasharmonika" starts with a chord struck three times, like Mozart's "Magic Flute". The music flowed charmingly, delicately, from the glasses. Clemens Hofinger played enchantingly......"

Adolf Karl Gottwald , "Suddeutsche Zeitung" Munich, Germany 11/26/97

"Clemens Hofinger established his virtuosity with an arrangement of portions of Bach's 1st Cello Suite BWV 1007. He demonstrated a wide range of color and phrasing one would never have thought possible with this instrument...."

Stefan Hofbeck "Isar-Kurier" Munich, Germany 12/12/97

"Clemens Hofinger of Wuerzburg proved himself a master of his art . With the very first notes of "Rondeau in B flat major" by Reichardt, he cast his spell over the audience. Celestial sounds filled the hall without betraying the enormous demands made on the musician, whose fingers moved seemingly effortlessly across the rims of the glasses..... an unusual, deeply impressive concert."

Ingo Hahn, "Frankenpost" Kulmbach, Germany 11/27/98